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Assassin’s Creed: Origins Cheats Add Health and Ammo

The latest Assassin Creed game in series Origins was just released and with its releases comes some amazing new cheats and trainer mods for the game. First up is a cheat trainer from WEMOD with +9 features Infinite Health Infinite … Continue reading

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Tekken 7 Trainer

So i tried the new tekken 7 game that’s been released a week ago and it’s quite interesting. A lot different from the older games that i used to play as a kid. Can’t say i loved it though but … Continue reading

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Adobe roadmap for the Flash runtimes

Are you curious what Adobe is planning for the future of the Flash runtime? For the past decade, Flash Player and, more recently, Adobe AIR have played a vital role on the web by providing consistent platforms for deploying rich, … Continue reading

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Flex on iOS Video

Christophe posted a nice video showing a Flex based iOS application running on an iPad 2. This is the future of multi screen Flex based application development.

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Securing your keys within SWF?

We all know that SWF is not secure and can be easily decrypted by many tools that I wont mention here. So, if you are building browser or desktop/mobile (AIR) flash applications that use public services (REST, WSDL) with tokens … Continue reading

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AIRonAndroid Browser Application

Got an Android devise? Go get the AIR runtime and then install my AIRonAndroid Browser demo application to see Adobe AIR in action and play with things like Geolocation, Multitouch, etc or point your camera at: IF THE LINK ABOVE … Continue reading

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Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 HTML5 Support

Who says it has to be Adobe Flash or HTML5 at Adobe? Not Adobe, they are supporting both. Adobe has announced the immediate availability of a FREE HTML5 pack for Dreamweaver CS5. The HTML5 Pack extension includes new code hinting … Continue reading

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Nexus One Flash Player Coming Soon!

Word in the twitterverse is that Adobe gave their evangelists some new toys today. Yes, thats right, the HTC Nexus One with Flash Player 10.1 beta! When will the rest of us see this beta? Hopefully, very soon.

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InsideRIA the Conference!

Those of you who are out at 360Flex this week and have taken a minute to check out your registration packet may have noticed that InsideRIA has a card in there announcing a new conference (2 actually). InsideRIA the conference … Continue reading

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iSpy motion detection AIR application

iSpy was created based on Doug McCunes Simple Flex Motion Detection example In addition to Dougs web based motion detector, iSpy uses the AIR File and FileStream classes with the JPEGEncoder class to do its magic. If there is a … Continue reading

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