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Now Available: Developing iOS Applications with Flex 4.5

By Rich Tretola | August 24, 2011

Developing iOS Applications with Flex 4.5 is now available for only $12.99 for eBook.

Developing iOS applications using Adobe Flex 4.5 for mobile will walk you through creating your Flex based iPhone/iPad application. Next, you will learn how to interact with the devices camera, gallery, accelerometer, GPS, multi touch display and native services using Adobe Flex 4.5. Finally, you will learn how to compile your application and deploy to the app store.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Hello World

    1. Create a Flex Mobile Project

  2. Chapter 2 Application Layouts

    1. Blank Application

    2. View-Based Application

    3. Tabbed Application

  3. Chapter 3 Configuration Settings

    1. Configuration Settings

    2. Automatically Reorient

    3. Full Screen

    4. Automatically Scale Application for Different Screen Densities

    5. Aspect Ratio

    6. Additional Configuration Settings

  4. Chapter 4 Exploring the APIs

    1. Accelerometer

    2. GPS

    3. Camera UI

    4. Camera Roll

    5. Microphone

    6. Multitouch

    7. Busy Indicator

  5. Chapter 5 Working with the File System

    1. File System Access

    2. SQLite Databases

  6. Chapter 6 OS Interactions

    1. Open in Browser

    2. Create Text Message

    3. Create Email

    4. Place Call

    5. Splash Screen

    6. ViewMenu

    7. StageWebView

    8. Screen Options

  7. Chapter 7 Designing for iOS

    1. MultiDPIBitmap

    2. Setting Styles for iOS

    3. Using Capabilities

  8. Chapter Publish to iOS Installer

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3 Responses to “Now Available: Developing iOS Applications with Flex 4.5”

  1. Art Holland Says:
    August 24th, 2011 at 8:58 pm

    Enjoying the book, thanks!

    On page 66 (TransformGesture section), I am using your onGestureRotate function on an image which indeed rotates fine but if the gesture isn’t real deliberate, the image shrinks to oblivion. I cannot figure out how to prevent this. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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    Rich Tretola Reply:

    Try commenting out image.addEventListener(TransformGestureEvent.GESTURE_ZOOM, onGestureZoom) and recompiling. This will prevent the zoom from working and allow you to better see the rotation.

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    Art Reply:

    I actually took everything out not related to rotate and still have the same problem.

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