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iPhone Flash: What did @kevinlynch just say?

By Rich Tretola | February 18, 2010

What did he just say?

Back in October when I first discussed the new CS5 compile to iPhone workflow from Adobe, in my post titled “Appleā€™s greed to only help Adobe with Mobile Flash Player” I mentioned the following with the important part in bold:

“Adobe had to create a way to allow for applications built on the Flash Player to act as native iPhone applications. This was only possible by actually embedding the Flash Player within the application and then submitting the whole thing for approval to Apple just as any other application that goes to Apple for approval.”

The concept that the player was embedded within the compiled iPhone applications was quickly debated in the comments section of that post. Now we get the video below where at aprox. 2:58 Kevin Lynch says “The Flash runtime is integrated with the application“.

Video courtesy of All Things Digital

So, which is it? Are the Flash/iPhone applications compiled with the Flash Player embedded within the iPhone application or is the Flash application converted to be a native iPhone application?

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3 Responses to “iPhone Flash: What did @kevinlynch just say?”

  1. Claus Wahlers Says:
    February 18th, 2010 at 8:56 am

    It’s the mobile AIR runtime (which Adobe probably has already ported to the iPhone) baked together with the ActionScript bytecode cross compiled to Objective-C through LLVM magic.

    If you want to run SWF on the iPhone, it’s not sufficient to just cross compile the code, you also need all the functionality to deal with timeline, display list and shape-etc-rendering yadda yadda (which is obviously taken care of by the AIR runtime).

    The interesting question would be whether or not this qualifies as virtual machine, in which case Adobe, and in effect you as app developer, would violate the Apple ToS. I guess only very tech savvy lawyers would be able to answer this question tho.

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    February 18th, 2010 at 9:24 am

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