SyneregyFLEX Review

I just finished watching the SynergyFLEX presentation would like to offer my opinions of this new framework. SynergyFLEX is a framework which greatly resembles Mach-ii for ColdFusion created by Hal Helms and Ben Edwards and championed by Sean Corfield.

This framework is an event based framework that really seems to work nicely with Flex screen transitions. SynergyFLEX has a config.xml file which contains properties, listeners, filters, plugins, viewpods, templates, and screens. Anyone who has used mach-ii in the past will see the resemblance right away. For those who have not used CF with mach-ii, here is a quick recap.

Properties are application properties.
Listeners are similar to service locators and are created as singletons.
Filters can be called within an event to do things like security checks and then call additional events if neccessary.
Plugins are similar to filters but are triggered at specific times like pre-view, post-view, pre-filter, post-filter, etc. Can be used to log information at specific times in an event process.
ViewPods are pods that are to be used within zones of a template. An example would be the camera, chat, and user lists within a Breeze presentation.
Templates The layout file which declares zones for pods to be placed.
Screens This is the nuts and bolts of SynergyFLEX where screens are declared as well as screen events, viewpods, and properties.

Events can be invoked in a number of ways including a simple button click. When a button is clicked an event can be broadcasts which can then manipulate the view by loading in new viewpods into the template. In an example shown there was a template which contained 3 zones. On button clicks the zones were reloaded with different viewpods based on the viewpods declared for the specific screen event which was triggered by the button click. There was also an example shown of viewpods being loaded into zones declared within a tab menu as well as the entire template being launced as a popup on top itself with no scope problems. The popup as well as the viewpod were able to function independently of the original viewpods and screens.

Although the presentation had a few bugs, it is understandable as the framework is still in early beta and a few pieces are still under development. Overall the presentation was very interesting and the framework shows great promise, especially for those who already have mach-ii experience.

Rich Tretola

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